The Creator - People Pak2 Edition

The Creator7 is a graphics product for your Windows (or Mac) computer. Just download it, install it - and you’re half way there. You’ll see over 50 really cool templates you can modify (It’s all drag and drop, so it's easy to get started).
You can use the templates to create logos, banners, blog images, sales graphics, Social Media graphics, youtube banners and more!

There’s nothing to draw and no programming required. And, there are lots of video tutorials if you need help.

Imagine how free you’ll feel creating your OWN custom logos and page headers, without the wait time or spending big money talking to designers. No more extra charges for revisions!

Please note: If you are a Mac user, download the installation file here (167 MB).
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it would be great if you could use your own images

I didn't see any way to import your own images into a project
jane, 15.03.2016, 11:09
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Add a double click rotate and scale option

In addition to the rotate and scale slider bar it would be nice to also have the option to double click on an image, text, and be able to easily pull or push the image into the size wanted, adding the option to use shift in order to keep the image...
CC, 16.03.2016, 01:58